Lead work



Lead work is an essential part of most roofing systems in both the UK and the USA. It has been used for centuries in construction and in roofing materials. The use of lead for roofs and roofing materials goes back to the early Romans and Normans who discovered that using it for roof coverings made their roofs both weatherproof, and highly corrosion resistant. In the UK you can see lead roofs on many historical buildings including cathedrals and churches – a testament to the durability of the metal.

It is important to hire S.M Roofing Contractors to install your lead work. We are experts in this sector and are very experienced in the application of lead roofing materials. We understand its qualities, stability, and malleability of lead. Working with lead is a craft. When working with lead we use specialist tools to make the best use of the material. Lead can be stretched and fashioned for use on a roof or around the roofing material and it generally does not tear. Lead is available in sheeting material which can be secured with either stainless steel or copper nails.